Vaughn Mcintyre

Widower’s Reflections


It could be that we just delay servicing or replacing everyday things like appliances while we struggle with a serious illness in our family. That’s probably the logical explanation why they often fail shortly after your spouse dies. Already on shaky ground coping in...

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Holidays trigger emotions!

They say the first year is the hardest. The first missed birthday, the first missed anniversary, the first missed Thanksgiving and for many, the first missed Christmas. I’ve always felt I am a bit different. Perhaps fittingly the “first year is the hardest” sentiment...

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The Club no one wants to belong to!

My wife Mary died 16 months ago forcing me into a club that no one chooses to join. Widows and widowers all feel the burden of pain when left behind by a spouse who dies. While each of us, I am told, responds differently to our circumstances I have observed that most...

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A Life Reinvented – or Chaos!?

One year ago today I listed our house. It had been on the market before she died so it didn't feel like a major decision. After all it had been on the market for 2 years prior to my wife getting sick and I raised the price to make sure no one thought the new widower...

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